Reboot Your Business

ADP Payroll

Dawn Says: "We find that outsourcing payroll is a much better solution than having our firm handle payroll related tasks. ADP has so much to offer our clients including HR services, employee benefits and more. I recommend ADP over other full service payroll solutions primarily because of their customer service."


Dawn Says: "This solution works through SmartVault and provides us with the ability to send Form 8879 with KBA technology. This is required by the IRS. But what is awesome about it is if you send any document through SmartVault to Docusign, you never have to touch the document again! We love this solution."


Dawn Says: "Are you manually handling 1099’s? The assurance that the 1099’s are timely filed and sent to recipients will allow you to avoid penalties. This solution is affordable and easy to use!"

Flight by Finagraph

Dawn Says: "We use Finagraph with our clients but also use it internally. The app gives me insights into my own business as well as a tool to communicate with clients. They actually look at their reports and the cards that identify important information. It is so hard to get clients to look at their financial information, this is mind blowing!"


Dawn Says: "This app is great to meet with clients.I know there are so many options out there but we have had success with this one."

Grunt Worx

Dawn Says: "If you prepare tax returns, this is a no brainer! The efficiency that will be experienced when implementing this app is mind blowing. Every tax preparer should check out this awesome solution!"


Dawn Says: "OMG! We have looked for a solution like this for what seems like an eternity.The ability to triage our emails, communication with each other on a specific email, creates our work and avoid missing deadlines. We are on the same page at all times."


Dawn Says: "My team loves this password application. It allows you to save a website, the username and password. It’s like a password brain that doesn’t require your interference. This is so great for clients and could replace Password Keeper if you love it!"


Dawn Says: "The days of “use same as last year” or “I think I did this many business miles” are long gone. I encourage my clients to use this app, because I use this app.You have to determine your business use of your vehicles and prove it! The IRS doesn’t accept a calendar or a re-creation of mileage logs anymore."


Dawn Says: "We use this electronic method for sending faxes. Most of our need for this solution is to securely send documents to bankers, financial advisors and more while having the ability to accept faxes from clients or anyone else that needs to fax information.The entire team gets the email notification so that whoever “owns” that fax can manage it."

Office 365

Dawn Says: "This solution helps us maintain our calendar. Since we have implemented Karbon, we don’t have a need to deal with emails in this solution thankfully! We also love One Drive to organize our internal documents so we are able to make changes and comment collectively."

Keeper Security

Dawn Says: "I utilize this solution for my company and personal passwords.I have it on my phone and use it almost every day.It is secure and gives me anytime access so I can log into anything from anywhere."


Dawn Says: "Depending on your needs, Intuit has it figured out. I love both products and recommend based on the client needs."

Receipt Bank

Dawn Says: "This solution works for EVERYONE! It is one of the most important apps that a business owner needs.The IRS regulations are very clear.You must have receipts to back up the business purpose. If you think your bank or credit card statements have your back, you are being misled."


Dawn Says: "We use this during tax season to interact with our clients about important information and for them to fill out our annual client organizer, engagement letter and payment authorization form."


Dawn Says: "We love using this tool internally. No need to text message or email each other.We use this tool daily even if we happen to be in the same office!"


Dawn Says: "This is our document storage system that integrates with our tax software. We didn’t always use it because of that, if fact, the connection between Lacerte and SmartVault was a bonus! This solution has allowed us to securely work with our clients when it comes to document exchange and storage."

TSheets By QuickBooks

Dawn Says: "I love this app because even as a sole practitioner it allowed me to make hiring decisions based on what I was doing. In addition, for the value pricing, I can evaluate the profitability of our work and if I am doing fraud case or tax representation I can track my hours.This is an educational tool, not just a time tracking solution!"