As a non-profit organization, we rely on our partners to bring valuable resources together, for the benefit of our members and bookkeeping profession. From all of us at ICBUSA, we say thank you!

Westminster Education recognizes and respects the initiatives of ICBUSA, to assist Bookkeepers in their quest to assert their professionalism and display their qualifications. The development of the ICBUSA Exam Preparation Course was initiated with the following mandate:

  • Provide opportunities for recent graduates from bookkeeping programs, to assess their knowledge and skills, and ensure that they are prepared for the ICBUSA Exam

  • Provide opportunities for established professionals to assess their knowledge and skills, and obtain practical exam writing experience, to ensure they are comfortable in that academic environment

  • Ensure that the Exam Preparation Course was accessible (online), economical (achieved through the self-paced format), and affordable ($500, which includes a voucher to write the ICB USA Exam)